Annual Report 2013

Vnesheconombank’s Participation in NCOs

Vnesheconombank is a participant in more than 30 associations, unions and other non-commercial organizations. These include organizations aimed at supporting economic development and investment activities, associations and partnerships related to Vnesheconombank’s business lines. Such membership enables the Bank to efficiently exchange experience and promote cooperation with partners, establish new business contacts, bolster the Bank’s image of a leading development institution.

Major NCOs in which Vnesheconombank is a participant/member as at 01.01.2014 (by business lines)



Developing trade 
and economic relations

World Economic Forum

Russo-British Chamber of Commerce

Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Russian International Affairs Council

Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Franco-Russian Dialogue Association

Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (All-Russian Association of Employers)

International Chamber of Commerce - The World Business Organization

Institutional Investors Roundtable

Fostering and improving business relationships

Russian-American Council for Business Cooperation (Non-Profit Association of Legal Entities)

Russian-Chinese Business Council

Russian-Arab Business Council

Russian-American Business Council

Association of Russian Banks

Dialogue Forum Non-Profit Partnership

Russian Finance and Banking Union

CIS Finance and Banking Council (Non-Profit Partnership for Cooperation between CIS Member-States)

Russian Public Relations Association – RASO (Non-Profit Partnership)

Creating favourable conditions for the development of innovation process

Foundation for Development of the Centre for New Technologies Development and Commercialization 
(Non-Commercial Organization)

Fund to Operate the Financial Aid Program for Innovation Projects of Skolkovo Foundation 
(Non-Commercial Organization)

Co-financing projects 

Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP)

Supporting development of micro, small and medium enterprises

Montreal Group

Developing and using professional standards 
in the securities market

Non-Profit Partnership for the Development of Financial Market RTS

Association of Bill Market Participants

National Currency Association (Non-Commercial Organization)

National Stock Association (Self-Regulating Non-Commercial Organization)

National Association of Securities Market Participants (Self-Regulating Non-Commercial Organization)

ACI - The Financial Markets Association

International Capital Market Association

Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer Agents and Depositories

Participating in international payment systems

Association of MasterCard Participants (before 13.05.2013 - Association of the Russian Members of Europay)

Russian National SWIFT Association

National Payments Council (Non-Commercial Partnership)