Annual Report 2013

Information Technology Activities

An enhanced and more sophisticated scope of Vnesheconombank’s operations, the ever-changing legislative requirements and the Bank’s desire to ensure the provision of highly reliable and quality IT services indispensable for efficient and effective implementation of the banking business processes pose new tasks for the Bank’s IT-activities.

In 2013, Vnesheconombank’s professionals made a concerted effort in order to enhance and upgrade information and technological support for the Bank’s operations. Specifically, work on complex automation of the business process of monitoring and administering investment projects with the use of a software package “System of Planning, Analysis and Monitoring of Investment Projects” was continued. Thus, the year 2013 witnessed the development and launch of the 1st unit of the respective software package called “Monitoring”.

Special energies were devoted to ensuring information and technological support for Vnesheconombank’s operations in the securities, money and FX markets. With this aim in view, a switch over to a universal scheme of connecting Vnesheconombank to the Moscow Exchange markets was effected. Also, the throughput of communications channels was increased by 20 times.

In order to enhance the efficiency of Vnesheconombank’s communications systems, the Reuters information system in compliance with the Thomson Reuters development strategy was transferred to a new technological platform Eikon. Urgent work designed to switch over the Telex system to a protected internet connection was arranged. The capacity to hold telephone conference-calls for Vnesheconombank’s top executives with representatives of other institutions was ensured. The subsystem for centralized management of mobile gadgets (iPad) was introduced. Also, work aiming to ensure controlled access of mobile gadgets to Vnesheconombank’s electronic document exchange using Wi-Fi technology is in progress.

The project on Creation of Corporate SWIFT System for the VEB Group was completed. The year 2013 witnessed the connection of SME Bank and ROSEXIMBANK to Vnesheconombank’s new corporate software and hardware SWIFT complex.

In conformity with Federal Law No. 210-FZ dated 27 July 2010, “On Ensuring the Provision of State and Municipal Services”, the system designed to prepare and exchange information on state payments with the State Information System was developed and launched.

The Sovereign Guarantee automated system for information-analytical record-keeping was modernized. That allowed for appropriate processing of Vnesheconombank’s reporting forms that are submitted by the Bank to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation with respect to the Bank’s performance of the function of the Russian Federation Government agent in issuing and executing the Russian Federation sovereign guarantees.

Vnesheconombank’s professionals started work to create a software platform designed to ensure automated functioning of the Bank’s asset/liability program management.

In 2013, the Bank continued upgrading the compliance control system. In particular, a software package was put in place that is designed to check data and verify beneficial owners of clients, to regularly update data on clients, their representatives, beneficiaries and beneficial owners. Regulatory acts on freezing (blocking) of cash funds and other property of persons involved in terrorist activities were adopted. Measures aimed at facilitating deoffshorization of the Russian economy were undertaken.

In 2013, to upgrade the IT-activities management system through the use of international standards and drawing on the best practices, IT project documentation standards were developed and the system of automatic localization of functional failures in IT-infrastructure was created.