Annual Report 2013

Agent for the Government of the Russian Federation

In 2013, Vnesheconombank continued to perform the functions of an agent for the Government of the Russian Federation in keeping records, servicing and redemption of Russia’s sovereign foreign debt and state loans extended to foreign borrowers, securing repayment of debt on monetary obligations owed to the Russian Federation by legal entities, constituent entities of the Russian Federation and municipalities, as well as the functions related to extending and executing of the Russian Federation state guarantees, keeping analytical records of issued state guarantees of the Russian Federation, of commitments of the principal, its guarantors and other entities related to extension and execution of state guarantees of the Russian Federation and recovery of debts owed by the above entities.

As at 01.01.2014, the amount of assets and liabilities administered by Vnesheconombank totaled above RUB 5.6 tn, which exceeded the previous figure by RUB 1 tn as at the beginning of 2013.

Over the period under review, Vnesheconombank executed 1083 instructions of the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance, developed more than 556 opinions for the Russian Ministry of Finance on sovereign foreign debt settlement, the recovery of debts owed to the Russian Federation, and on issuance and execution of state guarantees of the Russian Federation.

Acting in an agency capacity, Vnesheconombank’s professionals prepared information and analytical documents for the meetings. of intergovernmental bodies, committees and subcommittees on trade and economic, and scientific and technical cooperation, as well as for official summit meetings. The Bank’s specialists directly participated in international negotiations on debt recovery and state external financial asset management.

The Bank’s representatives participated in the work of the Russian delegation at 9 sessions of the Paris Club of creditors, in the annual Club meeting with the representatives of the private sector and a number of sovereign creditors, as well as in the joint conference of the Paris Club of creditors and the G-20. Besides, Vnesheconombank participated in the status of an observer in multilateral negotiations of the Paris Club of creditors with two debtors (Myanma and the Comoros).